Aadujeevitham team resumes shooting in Jordan and shared a new pic !!

In the wake of being abandoned in Jordan for as long as month, it appears that the group of Blessy‘s Aadujeevitham has continued shooting in the Arab country. The group, who had their shooting grant renounced after lockdown was implemented in the nation, had stopped creation before the finish of March.

Presently, sources from the group say that they have begun firing once more, however just certain parts including Prithviraj. The film was likewise expected to include other worldwide cast individuals, who couldn’t fly down to Jordan on account of the lockdown.

Prithviraj took a break of about a quarter of a year to get ready for his job in Aadujeevitham. The on-screen character, who had lost more than 30kg to assume the job of Najeeb in the Blessy directorial, additionally developed out his facial hair.

While his look was stayed quiet about till now, a photograph of the entertainer was spilled as of late while he was on a video visit to wish a youthful fan, an upbeat birthday. The whiz glanced upbeat, with his bandholz whiskers and congested hair.

The group of Aadujeevitham is as of now in Jordan and we hear that they have continued shooting Prithviraj’s bits. They are wanting to fly back to India when the flight activities continue.