1921: Puzha Muthal Puzha Vare Huge Success And Will Be Dubbed Into Other Languages

Director Ramasimhan Abu Bakar says that the film1921: Puzha Muthal Puzha Vare is getting a good response. The film has succeeded and is on its way to greater success, said the director. The film was completed on a budget of around two and a half crore rupees. Two crore rupees were collected from the public. Filming was done for fifty days at a cost of Rs 2.5 lakh per day.

1921: Puzha Muthal Puzha Vare

Many people are complaining and crying on social media that the money given by the people has been stolen. None of the accusers have paid me. The film is releasing in 86 theaters in the state as a reply to those who trolled and attacked me. This is a film that leaves the theater after Shankarabharan and returns to the same theater. The film is making a comeback in many of the theaters that were left out.

1921: Puzha Muthal Puzha Vare

The film’s Hindi version is being censored. Other language versions are also being talked about. The film was paid for by common people. It is impractical to pay each of them back their investment if the film makes a profit. Therefore, it has been decided to return this amount to society through social service, said Ramasimhan.