1000 crore remuneration to host Bigg Boss! What did Salman Khan say?

Bigg Boss is already running in Telugu, Kannada. While Nagarjuna is narrating in Telugu, Yathavathu Kiccha Sudeep is the narrator in Kannada. Now Bigg Boss is starting in Hindi as well. The sixteenth season in Hindi is about to start and Salman Khan is hosting the show. Salman Khan himself has been the host of this show for many years, and like Sudeep in Kannada, Salman Khan has become an integral part of Bigg Boss with his own style of narration.

The latest news that is out now is that Salman Khan will be paid a huge amount for hosting Bigg Boss Season 16. It is said that Salman Khan will get a salary of 1000 crore rupees for the presentation of the new season. The press conference of Bigg Boss season 16 was held yesterday and Salman Khan talked about his salary in the press conference. It is being said that I am getting a thousand crore salary.

“I have never seen so much money together in my life,” said Salman Khan. “Suppose I get that money one day, even if it comes, I will have to spend accordingly, I will have to pay a lot of money to my lawyers. Even my lawyers are like ‘Salman Khan’, this Salman Khan earns, that Salman Khan takes away,” Salman Khan jokingly said. The media and the fans keep saying big numbers. Keep in mind, the Income Tax people are also looking at it. When they come home and investigate, they realize the truth. You are saying 1000 crores, but I have not taken even a quarter of that as remuneration, says Salman Khan.

It is said that Salman Khan gets paid at least 100 crores for a movie. Bigg Boss is paid more than that which includes shooting promotion etc. This time Bigg Boss season 16 will start from October 01. This time along with the contestants, Bigg Boss will also be playing. Organizers said that this time the game will be different from the previous games and will be very fast paced.