Thimiru Pudichavan Box Office Collection Report, Review and Rating

timiru pudichavan
timiru pudichavan tamil movie

Thimiru Pudichavan is an upcoming 2018 Indian Tamil/Telugu bilingual action drama film written and directed by Ganeshaa. The film stars Vijay Antony, Nivetha Pethuraj and Daniel Balaji in the main lead roles. The film is produced by Fatima Vijay Antony under the production banner Vijay Antony Film Corporation and it began production in between February and March 2018.

Thimiru Pudichavan Box Office Collection Report

Timiru Pudichavan Box OfficeDaysCollectionGross
USA112 L12 L
Tamil Nadu12.75 Cr2.75 Cr
AP & TS175 L75 L
Worldwide14.10 Cr4.30 Cr
Tamil Nadu22.25 Cr3.00 Cr
AP & TS268 L68 L
Worldwide23.00 r7.30 Cr
USA35 L23 L
Tamil Nadu31.20 Cr4.20 Cr
AP & TS325 L93 L
Worldwide32.20 Cr9.50 Cr
USA42 L25 L
Tamil Nadu480 L5.00 Cr
AP & TS412 L1.05 Cr
Worldwide41.20 Cr10.70 Cr
Tamil Nadu576 L5.76 L
Worldwide51.10 Cr12 Cr
Tamil Nadu645 L6.11 Cr
Worldwide681 L12.81 Cr
Tamil Nadu742 L6.53 Cr
AP & TS75 L1.52 Cr
Worldwide765 L13.46 Cr
Tamil Nadu850 L7.3 Cr
Worldwide862 L14.8 Cr
Tamil Nadu943 L7.46 Cr
Worldwide951 L14.59 Cr
Tamil Nadu1050 L7.96 Cr
USA105 L5 L
Worldwide1061 L15.20 Cr
Tamil Nadu1145 L8.41 Cr
Worldwide1155 L15.75 Cr
Tamil Nadu1232 L8.73 Cr
Worldwide1242 L16.26 Cr

Thimiru Pudichavan Full Cast and Crew Details

Timiru Pudichavan Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

Timiru Pudichavan MovieCast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of Timiru PudichavanGaneshaa
Release date of Timiru Pudichavan6 November 2018
Hero of Timiru Pudichavan Vijay Antony
Heroine of Timiru Pudichavan Nivetha Pethuraj
ProducerFatima Vijay Antony
MusicVijay Antony
CinematographyRichard M. Nathan
Running time166 minutes
Production CompanyVijay Antony Film Corporation
Edited byVijay Antony
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Thimiru Pudichavan Movie Review

Vijay Antony, whose initial films like Naan and Salim, won rave reviews for its content, gradually steered towards full-fledged commercial movies with ample dose of heroism and emotions. Thimiru Pudichavan is the latest to join the list — this film, too, is no different from a few of his recent flicks that were standard good vs bad battles loaded with ample sentiments and heroism.

Murugavel (Vijay), a sub-inspector from Virudhunagar, is disappointed with his younger brother going on the wrong path. Annoyed with his elder brother’s constant advice, the latter runs away to Chennai. Murugavel, who gets posted to Chennai after two years, finds that his brother works for Padma (Sai Deena), a goon who hires minors to commit crimes. He kills his brother due to an unavoidable circumstance and vows to change the lives of people in the town who are scared of Padma. Enter female sub-inspector Madonna (Nivetha Pethuraj), who, along with a few other cops, joins Murugavel to nab Padma and free the youngsters who are in his clutch.

Thimiru Pudichavan is a routine cat-and-mouse game between a brainy cop who also flexes muscles and a dreaded criminal. Like every other cop, Murugavel, too, advises people around him, falls in love with the heroine, tries to change the system and bashes up the baddies (ruthlessly and unbelievably). Though the performances of Vijay Antony, Nivetha and Sai Deena are competent, what lets down the film is its shoddy screenplay, just OK-ish production values and over-the-top stunt sequences.

The film does have a few engaging moments in the second half and a message for youngsters, but tests one’s patience with too many logical loopholes. A hero suffering from insomnia with a wrist watch displaying his blood pressure level, based on which he behaves, appears lame. A decent screenplay that doesn’t resort to weird histrionics and exaggerated action scenes would have made the film a better watch. The lack of unnecessary duet songs and annoying comedy track are a relief though.

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timiru pudichavan
timiru pudichavan tamil movie
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thimiru pudichavan movie box office
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