Shamshera Weekend Box Office Collection


Shamshera, a film directed by Karan Malhotra and starring Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, and Vaani Kapoor, opened to weak box office results. Our tracking indicates that the movie has made Rs 31 crore in its three days of release because Sunday’s collections were essentially flat. The action film’s opening weekend take was Rs 10.05 crore, and estimations for Saturday and Sunday’s take ranged between Rs 10.25 and Rs 10.40 crore, respectively. There is a possibility of Sunday estimates increasing by 25 to 30 Lakh, depending on how the single-screen cinema halls in the interiors have fared, as Sunday growth is conventionally driven by the mass centers.

Shamshera has encountered audience backlash, and the current trend is a reflection of what people are saying about it. The movie never gained traction, whether it was on single screens or in major multiplex networks. The best faring centres overall were Mumbai and Delhi/UP. It’s a box office disaster, and one needn’t even wait until Monday to make this judgement, as the opening weekend trend predicts a significant decline in sales on Monday.

Day Wise Collection:

Day 1: Rs 10.05 crore

Day 2: Rs 10.25 crore

Day 3: Rs 10.40 crore (Estimates)

Total: Rs 30.80 crore

The movie received a wide release on more than 4300 screens, but right through the first weekend, it was never able to fully utilise the distribution platform. Some mass-market chains saw growth on Sunday, but business at national chains declined. Early projections indicate that the Sunday total will be between Rs. 10.25 and Rs. 10.75 crore. Shamshera is likely to end up with a lifetime total of around 50, and this is a huge letdown. The movie has now been added to the list of post-pandemic failures.Economically speaking, YRF’s market standing helped them secure a favourable non-theatrical contract from satellite and digital partners, which results in little loss for the production. However, at the end of the day, the theatrical performance is always what counts most in terms of the verdict.

Even though the opening day itself had ended aspirations surrounding Shamshera, the flat trend throughout the weekend only made matters worse. The cinema industry is currently trying to comprehend and analyse the lacklustre launch of this period action entertainer. A movie with this star-cast, constructed on such a massive scale, warranted a much better start.