School Diary Malayalam Movie Official Box Office Collection Report, Real Review and Rating

School Diary Malayalam Movie Summary: A group of friends including five young ladies and four young men examining in twelfth standard offer a nearby bond with each other. All goes well for the gathering until abruptly an emergency emerges, which puts their companionship to test.

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School Diary Malayalam Movie Full Cast, Crew and Full Details

School Diary Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of School Diary M Hajamoinu
Release date of School Diary 18 May 2018
Actors of ParavaBhama Arun, Mamitha, Anagha S Nair, Diya, Vismaya Viswanathan, Hashim Hussain, Ashkar Soudan, Anwar Sadath, Chembil Asokan
ProducerAnwar Sadath
MusicM G SreeKumar
CinematographyG K Nandakumar
Running time1h 48min
ScriptM. Hajamoinu
Production CompanyMuscat Movie Makers
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School Diary Malayalam Movie Official Box Office Collection

Kerala BoxofficeCollectionGross
First Day Collection 19.5 Lakhs19.5Lakhs
2nd Day Collection28 Lakhs47.5Lakhs
7 Days Collection
15th Day Collection
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School Diary Malayalam Movie Real Review

Audience Review: 

To be honest, today’s people, whether it’s adult or children, would like to see this movie.

Five girls have played their roles very easily. The director’s effort to attract audiences and introduce five heroines in the beginning of the song is very good.

The boys and the teachers were also very impressed with them.

Today’s generation especially the problems girls face … the girls find intellectually solutions. Perhaps this experiment seems to be the first time in Malayalam cinema.

It was not a simple thing that the subject of a festive image could not be confined to the subject of commercials. The film was a good idea to be made by the audience and they succeeded.

This is a very good way to get to the cinema of Malayalam cinema.

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