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Maradona, a young man (Tovino Thomas) , due to some dangerous situations, moves out of his hometown and reaches Bangalore to stay with his distant relatives. However, during his stay there, his situation worsens further. He meets new people there, observes their behaviour and events that follow changes his life forever. Who was Maradona, and what changed him, forms the crux.

Maradona Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

Maradona Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of Maradona Vishnu Narayan
Release date of Maradona 27 Jul, 2018
Hero of MaradonaTovino Thomas
Heroine of MaradonaSharanya R. Nair
ProducerS. Vinodkumar
MusicSushin Shyam
CinematographyDeepak D. Menon
Running time 2 hrs 28 mins
ScriptKrishna Moorthy
Production CompanyMini Studio
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Maradona Malayalam Movie Box Office Collection

Maradona Box OfficeDaysNo of ShowsOccupancyCollectionGross
Cochin Multiplex111 57 %1.87 Lakhs 1.87 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex212 76.06 % 2.71 Lakhs 4.58 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex312 85.37 % 3.04 Lakhs 7.63 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex41351.30 %1.94 Lakhs9.57 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex5 1348.79 %1.70 Lakhs 11.27 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex61343.14 %1.63 Lakhs 12.91 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex71341.43 %1.54 Lakhs 14.46 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex811 46.01 %1.68 Lakhs
16.15 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex10 1375.15 %
3.19 Lakhs 21.79 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex111336.56 %1.44 Lakhs
23.42 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex121242.46 %1.40 Lakhs 24.65 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex131224.42 %0.87 Lakh25.52 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex141231.56 %
1.12 Lakh
26.64 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex15930.72 %0.99 Lakh27.63 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex16858.34 %1.70 Lakh29.33 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex17864.32 %1.87 Lakh31.21 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex18819.45 % 0.52 Lakh31.73 Lakhs

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Source: Mini Studio

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