Kanchana 3 Box Office Collection Report, Review and Rating

Kanchana 3 box office report
Kanchana 3 box office report

Kanchana 3 (marketed as Muni 4 : Kanchana 3) is an 2019 Tamil action horror comedy film co-produced, written and directed by Raghava Lawrence, starring himself, Oviya,Vedhika and Nikki Tamboli in the leading roles. Produced by Sun Pictures, the fourth installment in the Muni series and third installment in Kanchana series, the film began production during October 2017 and released on April 19 2019.

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Kanchana 3 box office collection report

Kanchana 3DayCollectionGross
Chennai150 L50 L
Tamil Nadu16 Cr6 Cr
India19 Cr9 Cr
ROI130 L30 L
World wide112 Cr12 Cr
Chennai285 L1.35 Cr
USA290 L90 L
UAE21.50 Cr1.50 Cr
Tamil Nadu210 Cr16 Cr
Kerala29 L9 L
Karnataka23 Cr3 Cr
AP & TS26 Cr6 Cr
Rest of India250 L50 L
Malaysia245 L45 L
UK222 L22 L
Australia220 L20 L
Worldwide226 Cr53 Cr
Chennai392 L2.27 Cr
USA375 L1.65 Cr
UAE31.10 Cr2.60 Cr
Tamil Nadu310 Cr26 Cr
Kerala35 L14 L
Karnataka32.10 Cr5.10 Cr
AP & TS35.50 Cr11.50 Cr
Rest of India338 L88 L
Malaysia330 L75 L
UK320 L42 L
Australia318 L38 L
Worldwide323 Cr76 Cr
Kanchana 3 movie review
Kanchana 3 movie review

Kanchana 3 cast and crew details

Kanchana 3 Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

Kanchana 3Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of Kanchana 3Raghava Lawrence
ProducerKalanidhi Maran
Hero of Kanchana 3Raghava Lawrence
Heroine of Kanchana 3Vedhika
Release date of Kanchana 319 April 2019
MusicAmresh Ganesh & Saravedi Saran
Running time
ScriptRaghava Lawrence
Production CompanySun Pictures
Edited byN. B. Srikanth
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Kanchana 3 movie review

Given that we are now into the fourth film of the Muni aka Kanchana franchise, we know what we are signing up for. And Kanchana-3 gives us that – a man who gets scared easily, his bumbling but good-hearted family, a ghost that loves to spook them, tantrics, a sentimental backstory, and revenge. But this formula has become somewhat stale by now. Horror comedy has been the film’s calling card, and despite being over the top and loud, these scenes were amusing in the previous films. This time, they feel repetitive (we get not one but five instances of the same jump scare scenario, indicating a lack of imagination) and even more infantile (the actors seem to realise this and simply cash in their cheques).

And for a film whose primary target audience includes children, its objectification of the three female leads is condemnable. Almost every character, including the girls’ parents keep referring to them as “figurunga”. And every scene involving them has a character asking them to sleep with the hero.

Kanchana 3 box office collection report
Kanchana 3 box office collection report

But even more disappointing is the way the film tries to pass off as a socially responsible one. The franchise has previously empowered the marginalised, like transgenders and disabled, through the backstory. But this time, rather than seem like empowerment, this section feels like exploitation of the underprivileged to boost the image of its star. We had other actors playing these sympathetic characters in the previous films, but here, the star himself chooses to play the saviour, confirming our suspicion.

Kanchana 3 Official Trailer

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