Kallanum Bhagavathiyum Movie Box Office Collection Report, Review, And Rating

Kallanum Bhagavathiyum is a 2023 Indian Malayalam-language Comedy, and drama film directed by East Coast Vijayan and jointly produced by Rajasekharan The film stars Anusree, Johny Antony, Vishnu Unnikrishnan.

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Kallanum Bhagavathiyum Box Office Collection

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Kallanum Bhagavathiyum Movie Review

Mathappan, a thief named Mathappan, who does not hesitate to introduce himself with the title of thief given to him by the locals along with his own name. Having lost his parents at a young age and had to live alone, he has yet to successfully pull off a single serious heist. The only thing that could be achieved was the name Thief. He is tired of life and has come to the decision of committing suicide. At a critical juncture, he decides to take one last chance at life on the advice of someone he meets unexpectedly. Mathappan’s target is to steal an idol from a temple in the middle of the forest, which is open for puja only once a year. But there are some unexpected and unbelievable events waiting for him there. East Coast Vijayan has done the co-writing, production, and distribution along with the direction of the film. Kallanum Bhagavathiyum is the fourth film directed by East Coast Vijayan. While Vishnu Unnikrishnan appears as the thief Mathappan, Bengali star Moksha has appeared as the goddess who is present throughout the film. Anushree is the heroine. The film ‘Thief and Bhagavathy’ is an extraordinary story told in a simple way. At the same time, East Coast Vijayan has presented it very interestingly and accompanied by humor. KV Anil has written the screenplay and dialogues along with East Coast Vijayan. It is rare for humor to enter films where the element of devotion comes into play. This film has such a rare combination.

Kallanum Bhagavathiyum Movie Full Cast and Crew

Kallanum Bhagavathiyum MovieFull Cast and Crew
DirectorEast Coast Vijayan
ProducerEast Coast Vijayan
Heroine Anusree
HeroJohny Antony
Release Date

March 31, 2023
EditorLiju Prabhakar
MusicRanjin Raj
CinematographyRatheesh Ram
Running time
2 hours 19 minutes
Production CompanyEast Coast Communications

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