Skin Fasting: If you want healthy and glowing skin then keep it hungry

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If you want to keep the skin healthy and glowing for a long time, then fasten it. These days the trend of skin fasting is becoming quite popular. After all, what is skin fasting, its benefits or disadvantages and should you try this, know all the things about it here.

Skin cream can cause damage to kidneys, know how to select cream
Skin cream can cause damage to kidneys, know how to select the cream

What is skin fasting?

This beauty technique from Japan is also being followed in India at the moment. Social media has a big hand in making it famous. In simple words, fasting means to be hungry and skin fasting means to keep your skin hungry i.e. do not use any kind of beauty products on your face for at least 1 or 2 days.

Benefits of skin fasting

During skin fasting, you do not use any beauty product on the skin, which keeps the skin healthy. To keep your skin glowing and bright, it is very important to breathe freely. For this, do not apply makeup on the skin for a few days. Yes, if you have done makeup, then clean your makeup before sleeping. There are many ways to clean makeup, but cleaning the cotton by dipping it in a makeup remover or coconut oil is most beneficial for the skin.

Relieving acne and pimples
Skin fasting will give you acne and pimples free skin. Not only this, but skin fasting also works to give a glow to the skin and you get skin without stains. One day or two, applying foundation, cream, or any oil that closes the pores of the face, the pimples begin to fade away with the disappearing glow of the face.

Save the natural oil
of the skin: By using excessive amounts of beauty products on the face, the natural oil of the skin is completely eliminated and the skin becomes dry. Therefore, skin fasting is very useful in getting smooth skin.

Return of natural shine
Apart from moisturizer and sunblock on the face, the natural oil of the face works to maintain the radiance of the face without using any beauty products. Whereas, when using beauty products, it works to enhance the dead skin with the natural oil of the skin exhausted. Because of which the face starts to look dull.

Skin Care
Skin Care

Skinfasting helps to maintain skin tone, along with repairing the skin, also helps to lighten the color of the chin and the pigmented area around the nose. Apart from this, the pimples that appear on the face, along with removing the spots, also reduces the facial tone.

Wrong information about skin fasting,
says dermatologist Dr. Batul Patel, misinformation has been spread among people regarding the definition of skin fasting. People feel that skin fasting means not using any kind of skin care products. But this was not the original meaning of skin fasting. Stopping skin care products completely for 1 or 2 days can cause many problems such as sun damage, sunburn, dry skin, acne etc.