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Learn these 5 questions to ask yourself, how much do you care about your beauty

Beauty Tips

The beauty of a person is not just in his skin. But it is also true that the skin of a beautiful person has a different kind of positivity. What do you want to do in order to look beautiful in the year 2020, decide on the basis of some questions asked here… so that you keep chirping all year with the beauty of your body…

So let’s start Beautifully connected questions that you have to answer honestly. After answering them, you will be able to know where and what you want to improve in your beauty regimen.

1. In how many days do you clean your makeup brush, comb, hairbrush, and manicure set?

a- Once a month
b- When it starts to look dirty
c- Rarely, when it gets old, it replaces it.

2- Do you always clean your makeup before bedtime?

a- always. I never sleep without cleaning my face.
b- I sometimes give up when I am very tired.
c- If I think I should clean then I do it. Otherwise, you have to wash your face in the morning.

3- Do you use cleanser, toner, and moisturizer in your nighttime beauty routine?

a- Always
b- I do cleanser and moisturizer but use toner only occasionally.
c- I only wash my face with soap and sometimes apply moisturizer.

4- Do you sleep for 7 to 8 hours every night?

a- I get full sleep every night.
b- I can only take occasionally. I sleep and sleep in the afternoon. Because it cannot happen at night.
c- Never sleep properly at night. I sleep late and get up early in the morning. I sleep only for 5 to 6 hours every day.

5- Do you use sunblock?

a- I don’t go out without using sunblock on my face.
b- I use it but if I am in a hurry, I leave it.
c- I apply it only in summer. If

your score
is the answer to most of your questions then you are on the right track. If the answer to most of the questions is the b option, then you have to push yourself to follow a better beauty regime. But if your answer to most of the questions is c option, then your situation is very bad in case of your beauty care. Proper beauty care is needed to make the skin look younger and glowing. For this, you promise yourself that in the year 2020, you will cherish your beauty with full vigor. Look beautiful, look happy

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