Dandruff increases in winter, these will remove dandruff in a week

Dandruff Solution
Dandruff Solution

Dandruff is a common problem in dandruff during cold weather. The biggest reason for this is that cold and dry air is moving during the winter season which snatches away the moisture present in the scalp. At the same time, a fungus called Malassezia is also high in the environment due to which there is a problem of dandruff. When this dry and cold air reaches the hair, our scalp from where the roots of the hair begin becomes dry and crusted and itching starts. When this crusted skin starts falling on our shoulders and clothes, we call it dandruff or dandruff.

Dandruff Problems
Dandruff Problems

Dandruff also occurs due to these reasons

– If the skin of your scalp is too oily, then the growth of Malassezia fungus will be more and the problem of dandruff will increase.
– If there are too many hormonal changes in your body in teenage, then it also causes skin oily and can increase the problem of dandruff or dandruff.
– Some people have a problem with dry scalp, they also have more dandruff.
Seborrheic dermatitis is also a condition in which there is a problem of redness and dandruff in the hair as well as in places like browse, behind the ear, underarms.
– If your scalp is highly sensitive, then due to using hair products and styling products, the scalp also causes dryness and can increase the problem of dandruff.

How to get rid of dandruff problem
There are many shampoos in the market that claim that their use will remove the problem of dandruff, but these shampoos are high in chemical and their regular use makes the hair lifeless. So try some home remedies to get rid of dandruff …

Registry comb in hair
When you use a comb, your scalp is stimulated and blood circulation increases, which increases the secretion of natural oil present in the scalp. By doing this both hair and scalp remain healthy and a healthy scalp is free from scab and dandruff. So keep combing the hair on a regular basis.

Use salt not only in food but also in the bath

Drink plenty of water;
Winter usually feels cold as soon as you drink water, so most people drink less water in winter. But by doing this, both your skin and hair become dehydrated and this increases the problem of dandruff. Therefore, it is necessary to drink safe water.


Follow these tips
– Prepare a solution by mixing tomato juice and Multani mitti. Apply it in hair and leave it for a while. When the solution dries, wash the hair. Doing this twice a week will make a difference in a few days.

– Massaging with aloe vera juice will also be beneficial.

Soak fenugreek seeds and prepare a paste. Apply it to the scalp and leave it to dry for some time. Wash hair later.

Massage your hair by mixing camphor in coconut oil or olive oil. This will solve the problem of dandruff.

This way remove dandruff problem